Pain & Large Breasts FAQs

Pain & Large Breasts FAQs

All women are different and are all different shapes and sizes. This is the same regarding breasts too, some have small breasts with petite frames, some have larger breasts with the same frame, and then there are some who have very large breasts with a frame that can’t support them properly. When you do have large breasts, there is a direct correlation with shoulder, neck and upper back pain, which is just over double the number of counts as men who suffer from these symptoms. In this article, we will go through some of the links between large breasts and back, neck and shoulder pain.

How do large breasts cause back pain?

If one has large breasts, then it can feel like a heavy load on your chest. Imagine carrying a weighted bag on your chest, this is how it would feel. The added weight to the top of your torso will inevitably change the way you do everything. For example, everyday tasks or even sitting at your desk for work will encourage your body to slump, and running is a big no. large and heavy breasts cause unbalance which causes bad posture and in some cases, spinal deformities. Some of the back pain symptoms include sharp pain, aches and even chronic pain in some cases.

How do large breasts cause shoulder pain?

People who suffer from back pain from large breasts will also suffer from neck and shoulder pain which is caused similarly to the back pain itself. The neck and shoulders rely heavily on good posture and spinal alignment. But when large breasts are involved, the shoulders are hunched which also causes the neck to extend into uncomfortable positions which then puts a lot of pressure on the tendons in the shoulders. Those who have larger breasts will also experience uncomfortable bra straps.

How do large breasts cause neck pain?

When your body is hunched from bad posture, it encourages the tendons and muscles to strain to keep the neck in a natural position which in turn causes neck pain. When hunched, the neck is extended which then places the weight of your head into a position that can create sore necks, shoulders and chronic pain. Like back and shoulder pain, the pain comes from the extra strain put on your muscles from awkward slumped postures. 

Is there a solution for pain caused by large breasts?

Back pain caused by large breasts is a serious problem and can be unbearable for some. Some will try all the tips and tricks in the book to help relieve back pain such as regular exercise, maintaining a steady weight, muscle strengthening exercises and even stretching positions. This can work for many, but for those that it doesn’t, the other option involves cosmetic surgery in Manchester which is a welcomed option to many when they have tried everything to remedy the pain.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as mammoplasty reduction is a procedure that reduces the size of the breasts by removing skin and excess breast tissue. It is also combined with a breast uplift as it helps to create a symmetrical and fuller-looking breast whilst being smaller than they once were. This procedure is only recommended once you have finished having children and are at a healthy weight as they can increase in size if you are putting weight on continuously. Having a breast reduction Manchester based will give some of the best results in the UK.

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