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7 Reasons People Follow Fashion Trends

7 Reasons People Follow Fashion Trends

How To Follow The Latest Fashion Trends? - Gud Story

For a long time, people have committed themselves to the act of following fashion trends. And the reason for this inherently boils down to their love and passion for the fashion movement. Although some people might care less about trendy fashion ideas, others take it as a hobby to uphold.

As fashion changes every season, it’s now more important than ever, with many people moving along with this switch. And this post will center on revealing the reasons why these people stay updated and follow the trends.

The thrill of The Change

This reason is very evident in most persons – there is the thrill for constant change in the fashion world, utterly causing the switch. After fashion designers have put in creative effort in ensuring their clothes come out the way they want them, many buyers see it as a new idea to try.

The rush for newly created designs happens every season, and once they get presented with this change, there is the excitement to give it a try. Some of the reviews and user feedback on help to confirm this fact.


Following the traditional English definition, desire is a strong will for wanting something. When there’s this strong will behind an individual passionate about fashion, there is every reason to follow the latest trends. Even if the person doesn’t buy the fashion pieces, the individual consistently reads updates and information about the latest releases in the industry. Reading some fashion outfit reviews US stores will show you that desire is why some people follow fashion trends.

Personality Expression

Most fashion pieces are mainly for functional purposes; however, they sometimes become symbolic of an individual’s lifestyle or aesthetic choices. For instance, the cowboy boot was for working men in the housing association.

They are rugged and meeting the demands of the occupation worn for it. However, these days some people wear it only to beautify their feet or to resemble cowboys.

To Impress

This is one of the reasons why many people keep up with fashion trends. The idea of looking cool, flashy, or like an idol to impress others is prevalent. This set of people believe they can have similar “levels” by wearing the latest fashion pieces as some celebrities.

Boost Confidence

Most people suffer from low self-esteem and find their confidence wearing the latest fashion pieces. It might seem odd for non-fashion lovers, but there is a psychological effect to wearing the trendy pieces. For instance, people who typically get ignored would instantly get recognized once they wear the latest Gucci piece.

Love for Up-To-Date Fashion Information

Generally, some people have a passion for all things about fashion. And keeping up or following fashion trends gives them a sense of relief and satisfaction. Mainly, these sets of persons are gurus in the fashion industry and other times critics (in their right).

The moment a new fashion design comes out, they are all about “how-to” style it and look great wearing it. Having … Read More

70’s Make Up And Vogue

70’s Make Up And Vogue

fashion styleDenim are the most popular fashion clothing worn by both women and men alike, might it be pants, trousers, shorts, jackets, hoodies, shirts or tees, it appears to be a classic. Fashion has always been a very fascinating matter for all ladies and now the development has even challenged the boys to compete for a more interesting search for a exceptional future on this planet of Trend to make it a full fledged acceptable factor for all genre of people.

Swing skirts were a typical sight on USO dance flooring as young girls danced with uniformed men to the jazzy horns that characterised the Huge Band Period. Then the most sought supplies like cotton, polyster, chiffon, crush materials used in assorted iconoclastic designs and types.

Paris Hilton may have just broken up together with her newest man throughout the morning while sporting designer denims and high and get together that same night time in a silvery wisp of a dress. Case in point can be the purported fashion icons who’re able to whip up outfits from the most casual to essentially the most glamorous at any given day of the week or at any time of the day for that matter.

Floral dresses in dusty colors and delicate hues, and zig-zag cuts elegantly drapes your body. In distinction to standard full and flouncy skirts, Chanel started creating the boxy, now basic Chanel suit jackets and skirts in trimmed and textured tweed.

The transformation of traditional thick denim to thin elastic varieties grew to become well-liked in 2012, the place denim jackets moved further in vogue and magnificence, with top class spring and autumn trend collection for males in addition to females.

Evening put on attire seemed soft yet daring, coming in many pastel hues and accompanied with daring ruffles, tulle trim, and dazzling velvet bows. If you’re looking for a working shoe that marries efficiency and vogue, you will love the glossy, black, basic Males’s MR993BK type.… Read More

Geek Merchandising Fashion Clothes

Geek Merchandising Fashion Clothes

Gone are the days when geeky clothes were deemed as uncool or not popular. These days, people have hopped on the train and realized how interesting and indulging geek fashion is.

Geek merchandising clothing comes in various forms these days. Many comics and movies such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel movies have stormed geek fashion with most clothing articles designed with characters or scenes from these films.

Fashion on its own has been part of society since long ago. It has always been fast-paced, with new trends coming up and fading within no time. Fashion is also known to allow people to express themselves through their clothing; It is an art.

Someone’s outfit is important since it has a hand in how people perceive each other, especially on first impressions.

Geek fashion is known for allowing people to express their personalities and desires through what they wear. People can show out what their deepest desires are through what they are wearing.

Individuals with a certain level of interest in movies, book or film characters, or even video games are referred to as geeks. However, for a long time, the term geek was associated with people who were perceived as uncool.

This idea over the years has been discarded with geek fashion being a mainstream phenomenon that impacts pride and confidence among people who indulge in it.

Geeky fashion is notorious for adopting most of its design elements from movies, books, or even video games. People find deep interest in them and look for ways to incorporate their interests and desires into what they normally would wear. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation, falling in love with certain movie characters?

Fandoms of various creations such as movies, books, and games have recently increased dramatically, creating a need for geeky content to be produced and made more accessible.

Designers have also been forced to come with creative attires and accessories that express geeky traditions best.

Geek accessories and attires come in all forms and shapes, You do not need to don an entire costume to depict your favorite superhero anymore. Some clothes and shoes have been designed in ways to depict your favorite characters instead.

Geek fashion comes in different attires such as t-shirts, hats, dresses, trousers, socks, and even masks. Accessories such as pins, rings, bracelets, and even necklaces are also used to express the geek culture.

Other designers have adopted other ways to express geeky trends such as lava lamps flags and posters.

One of the most popular geek fashion trends is graphic t-shirts. They are designed in ways that they display certain scenes and characters from popular movies and video games. Other t-shirts display famous lines, catchphrases, or slogans used in these popular movies and video games.

Subtle and simple slogans work best for geek fashion attires since they communicate the right amount of information needed and other members of similar fandom can easily recognize it.

Geek fashion has grown popular over the years, … Read More

Men’s Formal Wear

Men’s Formal Wear

fashion styleNo matter, how much we love our rugged denim and party put on attire; we’re nonetheless desi belles at heart, who just loves dressing up in conventional attire! For men, footwear are the ultimate detail and are one of many areas all women discover. Though transferring the design is quick, straightforward and the worth is relatively cheap, the designs don’t last long and a few may crack over a period of time, ending up with damage in the design.

All these adjustments introduced about the invention of churidhars after which the salwar kameez and finally the style of clothes was out within the open. You too can use a wide range of styles together with loafers, wingtips, spherical-toe, or the trendier pointy-tipped shoe.

Well-liked designs additionally embody curling vines, teardrop shapes and paisley patterns. Folks have all the time performed with denim, adorning their them with stickers and other clothing patches. Males began borrowing girls’s clothing and took to carrying make up and utilizing clear polish on their nails.

Trend traits inform us what to wear once we are down in the dumps and after we are high up within the clouds. It is not very sensible to buy, say, a fashionable crop high, if later you need to pick up pants, sneakers, a jacket and so forth. And in any case you will understand that the excessive-waisted bottom and an open stomach don’t match you well.

Disco became in style and the style model of John Travolta in Saturday Evening Fever swept the nation by storm and made it is exit just as quickly, maybe as a result of pores and skin tight pants, slinky shirts and platform footwear have been so uncomfortable.… Read More

Men’s Trend And Type Suggestions #1

Men’s Trend And Type Suggestions #1

fashion styleSummer time is outlined by solar, sand and the water. The summer sherbet flowy, floral strapless sari layered clothes that hardly touches your ankles, pairs with a denim jacket and sandals for an upbeat mixture. The wartime scarcity of leather and metal pressured shoe designers to get more inventive and, as a result, shoes had been cobbled from materials starting from crocodile cover to cork.

Trend tells us loads about a person, the best way they dress, the way in which they put their outfits together indicates the type of particular person they’re each day. Adults choose to put on clothing objects with conventional color notably when they’re at work because such garments are formal to have a look at. Additionally they differ on their hair types or on how they get their hairs finished.

Designers from Roksanda and Chris Kane opted for liquid evening clothes and robes. Ladies always concentrate on men’s shoes so you have to get one that appears clean and simple to scrub. This industry is common for its glamour in addition to the combination of Indian tradition and culture put into the designer wear that the models showcase.

Fits are available basic kinds and colors, but ties allow you to show your individuality within a proper look. New Steadiness has additionally created new types that marry efficiency and trend for males. Right now vogue, artwork, music, designers, dance etc all have a place in the business and folks can select to take up something related to this industry as their occupation too.

The dhoti is back in style, giving marriage ceremony guests some incredible designs to select from. Nevertheless, essentially the most prevalent fashion for girls during this time was attire. But as most males love their sneakers, we’ve listed right here the highest new types for widespread athletic sneakers.

Always there’s a hope for the designers that the youth desire a change in the style and are glad to maintain up the pattern with a fusion of Indian and western mixture of fashionable wear. Extra lengthy maxi, excessive low dresses to wrap skirts with layered and ruffled bottoms, there’s so much to choose from.… Read More