5 Places to Buy Locally Made Swimsuits

5 Places to Buy Locally Made Swimsuits

We know we’re still dealing with chilly temperatures, but it never hurts to prepare in advance. Every time the weather gets a bit warmer, women across the country ask themselves one question: “Where can I find locally made all-day swimsuits?”

Thanks to the glory of the internet, there are plenty of options that don’t require an awkward dressing room moment and offer more inclusive sizing.

First, let’s look at the benefits of buying locally.

Independent Designers Offer Unique Clothing Designs

While big-box retailers like H&M and Gap, Inc. offer staple items like blue jeans or basic white tees, clothing designs from your local designer are unique. If you pick up a dress from a local boutique on Toronto’s Queen Street, you don’t have to worry about showing up in the same outfit as someone else as your item is likely one-of-a-kind.

You Can Learn More About How Your Swimwear is Made

Clothing items from big box stores are often made overseas. While there is nothing wrong with buying garments made in China, it’s important to have transparency about how your clothes were made and where the materials came from. Buying locally allows you to speak to the people close to the clothing who can give you insights on your new dress because they made it personally!

Local Swimwear Is Often More Sustainable

If you value eco-friendly initiatives, then it’s important to buy local. Local designers often try to incorporate materials native to their local land, making buying local a sustainable choice. For example, a pair of American jeans was likely made from American cotton, making it a more sustainable choice than a pair of jeans made overseas that had to ship its cotton to manufacture the jeans. Another reason local clothing is sustainable is that Canada, the United States, and the European Union all have strict guidelines for waste disposal, so you can rest assured that any waste from manufacturing your garments was safely disposed of.

High-Quality Garments Are Made Locally

Buying locally is buying quality. Locally made swimwear is high quality because Western countries have stringent quality control standards.

Investing your dollars in swimwear created by your community has benefits both for you and your neighbours. Next time you’re on the hunt for a new pair of jeans or a new dress, check out what your local boutiques have to offer.

5 Places to Buy Locally Made Swimwear

·       Summersalt

Using over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women and a patented TrueMeasure process, Summersalt offers the perfect fit when it comes to swimwear (take the Size + Style Finder quiz to view the best suits for your body). Made with recycled textiles that boast five times the strength and four times the compression of other swimwear, these two- and one-piece suits are fashionable, sustainable, and made-to-last.

·       Reformation

Reformation swimwear is made using a combination of deadstock, textiles made from renewable plant materials, and recycled or regenerated fabrics like ECONYL®. With an extensive swimwear line that includes one-pieces, high-rise bikini bottoms, fun prints, and more, this ethical fashion brand is the place to shop for all of your summer essentials. Plus, over 75 percent of the management team are women or people from underrepresented populations.

·       Sézane

For chic and French-inspired swimwear, we love Sézane’s collection of bikinis and one-pieces. With timeless cuts and quality fabrics, these suits are designed with longevity in mind. Best yet, Sézane’s garments are made in audited factories in Tunisia and then shipped in recycled packaging to almost any country in the world.

·       Boden

For planet-friendly swimwear designed in the UK, Boden is our go-to-shop. These stunning swimsuits (crafted in a process the brand calls ‘swimwear alchemy’) are made from ECONYL® regenerated fabric, including discarded fishing nets that are scooped from the ocean. You won’t need to replace your bikini after only one season, either; Boden promises its suits will last and the 365-day return policy (for exchange or credit) guarantees it. Internationally shipping options are also available!

·       Vitamin A

Founded, designed, and produced in California, Vitamin A swimwear is inspired by ‘70s beach glamour. The brand is leading the way with fabrics like EcoLux™, a superfine matte jersey, as well as the stretch-ribbed EcoRib®, both of which are made from recycled nylon fibers. The prints are created, when possible, with water-reducing digital technology and the packaging boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

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