4 Step Guide to Running in 2020

4 Step Guide to Running in 2020

With the new year comes new fitness plans, diets and goals to achieve, and if it’s been a while since you last had a training regime in place it’s always worth reading up and finding for pointers. Here’s a look at a 4 step guide to the best running performance for both road and treadmill workouts:


While it might suit some people to run it old clothes, loose, worn and a little bit date, if you looking for optimal runs you’ll need to step it up. Fitness clothing is now designed to improve your performance in different ways, the first being compression technology. Compression leggings help support your leg muscles during your runs which reduces fatigue during and after a run.

You can also buy mens gym t-shirts that offer moisture-wicking technology. Wicking fabric draws moisture (sweat) away from the body which means that the garment doesn’t become heavier due to moisture.

Trainers are the final essential to purchase. Finding a training that suits your running styles is key, if you’re planing short 5km-10km runs regularly then a softer bouncier trainer is suitable. But if your preparing for longer distance running or want to compete in competitions then a firmer shoe with ankle support with help your overall performance and reduce the chances of injury.


If your goal is to lose weight or tone up then dieting is essential. Finding the balance of foods that suit you before and after your running will improve your energy and motivation to perform. A spoon of peanut butter and apple juice have been proven to be good to have before long distance. Carbohydrates are also known to help with energy levels, however, some find it to give them a sickly feeling if eating too soon before a run.

Buddy Up

If you found that you struggled for motivation in 2019, then buddying up in 2020 might be the change you need. Finding a friend or a running group to train with will massively improve your motivation, as soon as someone becomes dependant of your commitment you mentality to train completely changes.


Making sure you track your distance, time and weight are essential to push your performance. Set yourself realistic goals that you can achieve weekly/monthly. While an end goal is something to strive for, any setback can put you off training, so the smaller targets help as something to target on a short term basis.

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